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Reclaiming Health CARE must be a Concerned American Recapture Effort. It will not be accomplished by those who want to keep the control of money in their power. It must be done through efforts of concerned citizens.

Dr. G Keith Smith, MD, the founder of Surgery Center of Oklahoma said, “Senator Thayn has not only recognized and embraced two points ( to first acknowledge, then to remedy policies of the past that have hindered a functioning medical care market), but has provided a roadmap and guide for those in other states who care to follow.” He says, “when medical prices fall and quality improves for one or more groups of public sector employees due to adherence to market basics, everyone, including those in the private sector, will benefit. Attention to the details of Senator Thayn’s approach could very well make very real what many currently consider a dream.

Reclaiming Health CARE is a site to provide updated information about how we, as a nation, can take back health care.

How to Reform the American Health Care System

As mentioned before, the American health care system costs twice what any other health care system costs in the world with outcomes ranking 39th in the world.  We are not getting our money’s worth.  The question is how to change the system. The dominant...

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A Toilet or a Brain Surgeon?

The American health care system is twice as expensive as any other nation in the world while ranking 39th in health outcomes according to the World Health Organization.  Why? The American health care system is hospital-centric rather than primary care...

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Understanding the Payment of DPC

The following correspondence was part of an email chain initiated by Senator Steven Thayn. The first email suggested an innovative health insurance product where the insurance company paid for a direct primary care membership. This would increase access to...

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What’s Wrong with the American Health Care System?

“It is NOT a matter of something being wrong; that can be fixed. What is detrimental to the American Health Care is that there are few who are willing to fix it.” — Steven Thayn Lets take a look at what is a big wrong in the American Health Care (AHC) System... Lack...

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Solving the Health Care Dilemma

The weakness of health insurance One of the misconceptions almost everyone has concerning health care is that health insurance equals access to quality health care. The corollary is that everyone needs to have health insurance in order to have access to...

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Health Issues

ACA, AHCA, and California’s Single Payer System The American health care system started developing three basic flaws beginning shortly after the end of WWII: a focus on health insurance, employers began to pay more of the costs creating a 3rd party-payer...

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What is Political Hate-Speech?

"When the dialogue ends; the coercion begins." — Steven Thayn Violence inducing political rhetoric continues to increase lead by a few national political figures and the mainstream media. What is political hate-speech and what can be done about it? For...

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